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The hydraulically actuated mechanical tensioner.

Friction controlled hydraulic turning of the Nut on the Bridge provides a precise, calibrated, torsion free pulling force to the Puller connected to the bolt end.

The resulting Bolt Load and Elongation is retained by the nut without load transfer, without the consequent bolt relaxation, within 5%

The TUV, ISO and Pressure Vessel certified HYTORC-CLAMP® is ideal for all critical applications, including nuclear, where precise bolt load and joint reliability is a Must and where speed and safety is of prime concern!

For less critical or regular applications, HYTORC recommends, its DISC, Torsion free Torque!

The 3 HYTORC hydraulically actuated Mechanical Tensioners or Tension Nuts, the Clamp-ST™, the Clamp-LC™ and the Smart Std™ provide an unprecedented choice for Maintenance, Engineering, Design Engineering alike to fit on any application, at all temperatures without alterations, with specials.

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