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The world's highest technology in limited clearance tools.

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches are the fastest means of making-up flanges and casings to equal-load and universal compression and of breaking out corroded fasteners.

Hytorc-Blitz is the fastest tool of its kind. By the time it takes a hydraulic wrench to turn a nut 35 degrees, Hytorc-Blitz spins it 60 degrees, guaranteed.

For limited clearance applications with its quick-connect hex and 12-point links or for regular applications with any good-quality impact socket, this Hytorc handles literally any application with ease and speed.

In combination with Hytorc's unique Accuracy Assurance Pawl and its constant degree rotation, Hytorc outperforms all hydraulic wrenches by a ratio of almost 2:1.

Major advantages:

  • Square/Hex convertible
  • 360x360 degree hose swivel - hose kinking is totally eliminated
  • Quick-connect cassettes
  • Universal application
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