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First with Simultorc Switch.

The LIGHTEST Hydraulic Torque Tool in the World.
The SMALLEST Universal Bolting Machine.
The ONLY Tensioner with No Side-Clearance Requirement.


  • Super Light-weight
  • Anti Backlash Pawl
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Simultorc-switch
  • New Ergonomic Design
  • 360 degree Job-adjustable
  • 300,000 psi Alloy-mechanism
  • 360 x 180 degree Uni-swivel
  • Torsion-free internal Mechanism
  • Upgradeable for Stretch-to-load!
Torque Torque/Tension Tension
For all regular Applications

First in Job-adjustability!
360 degree tool placement
around the nut.

Precision Torque within ± 3%.
Torsion-free Mechanism.


For all time-limited Applications

Side Load-harm-free,
Precise Bolt Stretch to Load
within ± 10%!

No Reaction Arm,
No Backup Wrench,
No Hands! 30% less Tool Weight!.

For all critical Applications

Set the Load and get the Load
within ± 5% and hands-free!

No need for 50% tool coverage
to overcome load variations.
They dont exist!

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