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Put the economical disc on all joints. Lock on tools load up bolts hands-free, torsion free with pure stretch.

Placing the load disc underneath a regular nut turns regular nuts into cost efficient speed fasteners, bolted connections into reliable, leak-free joints, bolting hazard into safety, tool failure into reliability.

The cost effective load disc converts torque applied to a nut into torsion free axial bolt elongation.

A regular Nut becomes a Tension Nut! An inner thread segment stops the bolt from turning with the nut! The bolt elongates, the segment is pulled along!

The Load disc has three purposes:

  1. To stop the bolt from turning and twisting while the nut is being turned.
  2. To allow locking the tool on the DISC for hands-free operation even on inverted applications.
  3. To make torque faster and more precise.

The Result :

Torque is torsion-, side load- and joint rotation-free without reaction arms and backup wrenches.

Bolt Stretching is free of unknown transfer relaxation . No over-stretch. No slamming the nut face on to the joint face during load transfer. No risk of inadvertent yield stretching during loosening.

With the known bearing face friction of the nut, Torque becomes more predictable and even.

Major advantages are
Hands-free, Precision, Speed Torquing of all Bolts in Seconds,

without the Hassle of...

  • reaction arms, backup wrenches
  • pullers, bridges, tommy bars
  • jackscrews, impact- and hand wrenches

without the Nuisance of...

  • torsion, side load, over-stretching, over-relaxing
  • tool holding
  • manual screw- or nut-turning

without the Danger of...

  • pinching fingers
  • being close to high powered tools

without the Cost of...

  • two sets of tooling, for torque and tension
  • longer bolts
  • tons of accessories
  • tool repair due to internal torsions
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